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Hi guys. Today’s topic is a really important topic for our business life, career and work life. I want to share this because I believe this is the most important topic in our life. I will tell you why and answer some of the key questions here shortly. But the main job is yours. You should read more articles about this and you should integrate this into yourselves, your teams, or your companies as a life rule. I will put some of the sources below. Then let’s start.

Purposes, reasons…

There is not just a purpose or reason to write here. There are a lot. As I work and inspect the big companies, they always write something regularly. They write documentation, they write technical blog posts, they write their experiences, they share their codes, and they navigate the people the right way. They always do such things. So they have so much collected experience, and this experience comes from thousands of engineers, decades years. So why don’t we follow the steps they experienced and showed us.

Okay, I don’t wanna make you boring so I will put some of the key purposes of why WRITING matters.

1. WRITING gives us to create a company culture

Generally, small startups don’t think like the big companies and they don’t give importance to this topic. So they just trying to push new features. And the most important thing is the income and expense flow of their products. This is wrong. If we create a company culture this will also boost our product quality, our employees' loyalty, happiness in our company, and everything. There are tons of words to write this topic but I don’t want to go out of my topic. In a nutshell, if we want to create a company culture, we should write and keep our datas ordinarily.

2. WRITING increases and improves our soft skills

Isn’t it so clear? If you write someone will read yours and you will read someone’s datas. And this shared experience improve your soft skill in time.

3. WRITING teaches us new things from each other

The shared datas will teach you new things always. Of course, you can find lots of data on the internet with videos, articles, etc… But in your company, it will be a more real-life experience for you. And if you inspect these datas you will learn and teach.

4. WRITING increases our code qualities

After you learn new things it will reflect your codes and life. You will be writing more clear and more experienced. You will be stronger than ever. I can guarantee this also will reflect your real life.

5. WRITING forces us to apply the single source of the truth

When we develop something we decide to use some tools, and we also follow some best practices. But everyone can apply these things in their own ways. And this is not good. If I give you an example: think you are working in a small team. There are 2 frontend teams. and each team developing their own product. They are using the best practices of the community(usually they don’t), and they are using the same tools and languages. But one team is using style.js as a filename, one team is using It is really tiny thing but there is no single source of truth in the company projects. I think this is bad. We should avoid and get rid of these things from our lives. So we should write and force each other to ensure SSoT.

6. WRITING increases our product quality

After the above steps, you will increase your product quality in a visible way. You will realize life how beautiful is.

7. WRITING brings us time

Yes besides all of these things you will get lots of time to yourself, your team, or your company. You won’t waste your time. You will do the job in a good and experienced way. Even if you a nerbie employee you will do your job like a senior employee in the minimum duration.

Where/How to start?

Choose a tool like Notion, Confluence or something else. And create a structure for your organization. Split into groups your organization and give them some space on there. And create your own datas here and add ordinarily here. Or you can also create a website and share some of these as public to people.


There is no end. We can say lots of things about the purposes or reasons for WRITING. And also we don’t just write something we should also READ. I put some of the resources below.

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And also I want to talk about Documentation in my next article. So see you there. Have a good day. ✋

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